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Hd Router

EXTRON ISM 824 Scaling Router HD-SDI Multi-format Switcher


Leitch Panacea P-16HSCQ P16HSCQ 16 Input HD / SDI Video Router with Power Supply


pro bel halo16x16 HDSDI HD Router


Evertz 4X1 HD Router X0401H-AES4-HES w/ Universal Remote Control 9000RCP-X1


Evertz X1202H 12x2 HD Router Switch System X-120X-PANEL X1202HES X1200 Switcher


Evertz X1201H HD-SDI 12X1 Router


Blackmagic Dual Rate HD-SDI and SD_SDI Video/Audio and Control 12x24 Router


Grass Valley Trinix Router TRX-HO-33120 HD Output Board


Grass Valley Trinix Router TRX-HI-33110 HD Input Board


Matrix Switch MSC-1HD1616L 16 x 16 HD SD 3G-SDI Video Matrix Router Switcher


Harris Leitch Panacea P16hscq-rb 32x8cqp HD Video Router


Ensemble Designs Avenue 9430/ 9440 3G / HD / SD router expansion


Evertz Microsystems X-Series 12x2 HD Router Model X1202S 9000RCP-X2


Leitch Harris Panacea HD-SDI 8x8HS Router model P-8X8HS Frame (no AC adapter)


Evertz 7700R16x16-HD 16x16 HD/SD Modular Router + Backplane for 7700FR-C 7800FR


EVERTZ X-0401H-HES-ET 4X1 HD Router with 9000RCP-X1 RCP Remote Panel


EXTRON ISM 824 Scaling Router HD-SDI Multiformat Switcher


Leitch Harris Panacea HD-SDI P-16x16HS Router w/ power supply


Pesa Cougar 3Gen 32x32 Video Router populated 16x16 3G / HD-SDI


Blackmagic Universal Videohub 72 crosspoint router with 6x 3G-SDI / HD-SDI card


Grass Valley Acappella 16x16 HD-SDI and AES Audio Router Model A1616HR-AU-LP


Leitch HD-SDI P-16X16HS Router - NO POWER SUPPLY


NEW EVERTZ EQX-G-OP18-3G Video Router EQX HD 3G Output Green Board, low voltage


NEW EVERTZ EQX-G-IP18-3G Video Router EQX HD 3G Input Green Board, low voltage


Sony IXS-6600 HD-SDI multiformat video router system B-Stock


EVERTZ 6X1 4:4:4 HD Router Remote Panel X-0601H-444-PANEL


Leitch NEO NSM-8X1SHD-FM 8x1 SDI and HD-SDI Digital Video Router Module


Harris Leitch Panacea P-16X4HS HD SDI 16x4 Router


Probel 3962 128x32 3G/HD/SD/Audio Crosspoint Module for Sirius Router


Blackmagic Design Smart Videohub 12x12 SD/HD/Ultra HD Mixed Format Router


MSC MSD-HD1616L Matrix Switch 16x16 Router HD SDI Video Routing Switcher